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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Product of the Day: Bridal Party Tees

Bridal Party Tees is an online retailer of customizable clothing based out of Columbus, Ohio, that specializes in personalized bridal party tees and apparel. Bridal Party Tees has over 15 years of experience in the custom apparel industry. They have grown theirr business year after year by taking care of the customers, and understanding their unique wants and needs. Only the finest quality garments meet their standards, and they are constantly reviewing new products for addition to their line. The goal is to provide you with an assortment of items to make your engagement and wedding even more memorable. Think of Bridal Party Tees for that perfect touch for the perfect occasion.

Bridal Party Tees customers can select any clothing item on the site from underwear, to yoga pants, to shirts. You can then, through the use on an interactive design tool, add text and clipart to your products in real-time. You also have the ability to save your designs in the “community gallery” for purchase at a later date or purchase by someone else.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Porcelain Cake Topper

Porcelain Cake Topper by Things Remembered
The traditional bride-and-groom cake topper gets a makeover with this beautiful double-heart version. It comes complete with its own presentation case and an engraving plate to commemorate the big event.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Jovani bridal gown collection

Halter long dress, gathered bodice, knotted side, open back

Glamorous and sexy long halter dress with gathered bodice, knotted side and open back, by Jovani.
back view:

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Long dress with open back

Attention grabber, soft long dress with beaded straps that run and connect on the open V-back. Attached long sash in back, by Jovani.
back view:

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Form fitting dress, gold trim, keyhole lower back

Unique and lovely long form fitting dress with plunging neckline, gold trim, drape neck back and sexy keyhole lower back, by Jovani.
back view:

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Form fitting long dress with rose brooch

Elegant form fitting long dress with deep beaded bust beautiful rose brooch and flattering burnout lace, by Jovani. Available online at LaMonir

Halter gown with decorated halter top

Stunning, halter gown with decorated halter top and long flowing skirt, by Jovani. Perfect for the get-a-way wedding. Available online at LaMonir

Strapless gown with beaded and black ribbon waist tie front

Strapless long gown with beaded and black ribbon waist tie front, Multi-layered ruffled long skirt makes this a perfect dress for today's modern brides, by Jovani. Available online at LaMonir

Strapless layered gown with black ribbon and floral accent

Strapless layered gown with black ribbon and floral accent creates the perfect dress for today's modern brides, by Jovani. Available online at LaMonir

Long beaded, multi-layered asymmetrical dress

Long beaded, multi-layered asymmetrical dress with bow front, by Jovani. Available online at LaMonir

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Mom's Wedding Planner

From Emily Post's Wedding Planner for Moms

Your Daughter/Son is Engaged!

The Organized Mother

Maybe your child lives in another part of the country and has asked you to lead the wedding planning process on the home front. Or perhaps the couple is spearheading the planning but is looking for your advice and feedback on certain matters. Either way, if you really want to be helpful to the bride and groom, you need to be supportive, empathetic—and organized. The best place to start? In the words of one mother of the bride, "Keep copies of everything." This applies to your own wedding-related duties in particular. In addition, offer to keep a set of backup records for the bride and groom—including copies of the master guest list, contracts, invoices, and contact information for service providers. This way, the couple will know that an extra copy of their key wedding information is just a phone call or an e-mail away.

Top Tips—From Mom to Mom

In putting this planner together, I solicited advice from a number of mothers who weathered their daughter's or son's wedding with grace and aplomb. They shared the following top tips:

  • Work with the bride and groom to create a master to-do list, preferably in time sequence. The Master Timeline on page 3 will give you an excellent starting point. In addition, the "Planning at a Glance" checklists throughout this book can help form the basis of your master list.
  • Maintain a comprehensive contact list for all service providers, containing the names, phone and fax numbers, and street and e-mailaddresses of every person or company you and the couple are working with. As vendors are selected, you can store all of this information conveniently in the Address Book on page 136 at the back of this planner.
  • Compile a master wedding guest list of every guest invited to the wedding. A good idea: Create a computer spreadsheet for ease in recording all RSVPs, counting and sorting guests who are attending, and mailing lists to and from the couple. If you are less than computer savvy, your daughter or son might teach you some basics. Or you can compile the list using the "Wedding Guest List" worksheet on page 119.
  • Keep copies of guest lists for any wedding parties, including engagement parties, showers, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid luncheon, post-wedding late-night party or next-morning brunch. (See page 120 for a "Party Guest List" worksheet that can be copied and used for any wedding-related event.)
  • Keep careful records of all shower and wedding gifts, including a full description of each, who gave it, and whether a thank-you note has been sent. (You can use the Wedding Gift Record on page 121 and the Shower Gift Record on page 122.)
  • Set up an easily accessible master calendar for entering all wedding-related appointments and events.
  • Keep copies of all contracts and invoices along with any pertinent items—such as fabric swatches, photos of gowns, photos of locations, table measurements—in separate file folders or an accordion file folder with multiple pockets.
  • Keep notes of all wedding-related phone calls and copies of all wedding-related letters and e-mail received and sent. Print out hard copies of key e-mail correspondence and keep them on hand for quick reference.
  • Check off completed "to-do's" as they're accomplished. You'll feel great as you see the number of check marks grow!
  • Keep the lines of communication open with the bride and groom by staying in touch on a regular basis.

Mom's Wedding Planner Master Timeline

The following timeline is a summary of virtually everything that needs to get done in the weeks and months leading up to the big day. Each section includes a checklist titled "Just for Moms," containing specific items that you need to be aware of, as well as a "For the Couple" checklist covering the overall wedding planning process. This master timeline will allow you, the couple, and any other interested parties to stay on top of the planning process. (For convenience, you may want to copy this outline and share it with the bride and groom.)

Of course, this timeline is just an estimate. Some couples get engaged and married within just a few months—compressing the planning process into a much shorter time frame. Others take up to two years—or more—to plan their celebration. Each couple's to-do list is unique to their own situation. What you'll find below are the most typical tasks involved in planning a wedding. Note, too, that many couples will ask their mothers to help with various items in the "For Couples" sections. Planning a wedding is the couple's prerogative—but they will be more than glad to know that you stand ready to help!

First Steps: 12 to 24 Months in Advance

Just for Moms

  • Send an engagement announcement to the newspapers if desired (this is traditionally done by the parents of the bride).
  • Arrange a meeting or, at the very least, a phone call between the two sets of parents; in the past this first contact was traditionally initiated by the parents of the groom, but these days it doesn't matter who calls whom first.
  • Discuss the general wedding plans with the couple, including size and division of guest list, budget, and division of expenses.
  • Begin thinking about whom you'll want to include in your portion of the guest list.

For the Couple

  • Decide on the date and time of the wedding, and send out "save the date" notices if desired.
  • Choose the style of the wedding—formal or informal, traditional, theme, destination, civil or religious.
  • Determine a budget and discuss the division of expenses with your parents.
  • Decide on the size of the guest list and the number of attendants.
  • Select an officiant or clergy member to perform the ceremony.
  • Choose locations for the ceremony and reception.
  • Investigate legal requirements for obtaining a marriage license.
  • Select your attendants, both female and male.
  • Decide if you want to use a professional wedding consultant; if so, interview and hire the consultant.
  • Interview and book wedding professionals, such as the caterer, florist, photographer, videographer, and musicians.
  • Research honeymoon options and destinations.

Excerpted from:
Emily Post's Wedding Planner for Moms. Copyright © by Peggy Post. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just arrived Nina dyeable shoes

Nina Dyeable Shalom (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Shalom (Women's) - White Satin
Satin peep-toed slingback. It features an elasticized slingback for ultimate style and comfort.

Nina Dyeable Fiore (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Fiore (Women's) - White Satin
It's your day, don't let anyone steal your shine! The Fiore is an elegant peep toe slingback heel, that's ornamented at the vamp.

Nina Dyeable Ambert (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Ambert (Women's) - White Satin
Stand out on your special day. The Ambert is a sophisticated slip-on with cut-out detailing, and a revealing open side.

Nina Dyeable Jaffa (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Jaffa (Women's) - White Satin
Stun everyone with this breathtaking Ornamented slingback heel. It features and elasticized strap that branches off into three beautifully ornamented segments.

Nina Dyeable Halena (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Halena (Women's) - White Satin
A chic dyeable white satin shoe. Halena features an open side and a long beautiful curve that starts from the ankle strap and bends around meets the vamp.

Nina Dyeable Jaina (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Jaina (Women's) - White Satin
A classy dyeable white satin low heel with an exquisite pleated vamp.

Nina Dyeable Electra (Women's) - White Satin
Nina Dyeable Electra (Women's) - White Satin
Turn heads with the electrifying Electra. A classy peep toe heel with stunning kriss-krossing pleats.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Engagement Etiquette

From Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette

Engagement Etiquette

For the betrothed couple and family and friends, the engagement can be a time of unequaled euphoria. The goodwill that engagements engender is both thrilling and contagious. The generous opening of hearts by others in celebrating your happiness is a touching testament to the power of love.

The engagement period is an essential time, both to fully plan your celebrations and to acclimate yourselves to the idea of becoming a couple. The engagement period may be most valuable as a time of adjusting to the fact that you are committed to sharing your life with another person. It's when the romantic fantasy of perfect love hits the bedrock of reality. This is the time to make certain that marriage is the right decision for both of you and to think through potential obstacles to your happiness and how you plan to deal with them.

Perhaps you are wondering whether the engagement is right for you. While there is potentially less pain for all concerned in the breaking of an engagement than in the ending of a marriage, there is nonetheless a sense of loss. A broken engagement affects not just your own emotions, but those of the people dear to you as well. Think it through carefully; once family and friends are told, your commitment becomes real. Ideally you will find that you briefly had "cold feet," and that working through possible conflicts now will only strengthen the bonds of your love and commitment to one another.

Finally, your engagement is also a time of overwhelming detail — and enough stress to derail the most solid of unions. Don't give in to pressures to stage a celebration that ismore about the festivities and less about you. Stay focused on your vision. Delegate chores to others who have offered to help. Stick to the day-to-day routine activities of your life. And whether the time between your engagement and your wedding is six weeks or six months, remember to take time off from organizing every now and then to enjoy each other and to immerse yourself in the fun and happiness your engagement brings.

Engagement Etiquette Guidelines

Engagements require only a few simple guidelines. First, there are no papersto sign or tests to take to become engaged. You have only to say "yes" for anengagement to become official. Second, there is no prescribed length of time for anengagement. Some people might consider six months a long engagement;others take their time and stretch it out to three years. It may be as brief oras long as the couple requires to make their arrangements, save for their lifetogether, or complete schooling, work, or a period of mourning. What's typical? The average length for an engagement in the United States is fourteenmonths. Many couples say that six months to one year is a comfortablelength of time for them to be engaged.

Third, do not become officially engaged until you are divorced. Many a couple has jumped the gun and announced their engagement when a divorce is still in process. Even if an annulment or divorce is imminent, an engagement to another person should not be announced until the former union has been dissolved. Finally, a certain protocol should be followed in getting the news out about your betrothal. In sharing your engagement plans, certain family members and close friends should hear the news first.

Sharing The Good News

The guidelines of when, how, and to whom the news is spread have to do with people's feelings. Always let thoughtfulness be your guide.

Old Ways, New Ways

Historically, if the marriage had not been arranged by the two families in the first place, it was up to the groom to ask the young woman's father for permission to propose. If permission was granted, the groom would then, on bended knee, formally propose.

Today, in most cultures, things are very different. The bride and groom themselves usually make the decision to marry. Then they inform their families, but not necessarily to ask for their permission. Generally parents are the first to get the news, and in most cases the bride tells her parents and the groom tells his. But sometimes they do this together, sharing the news as a couple. Ideally the news does not come as a shock to the engaged couple's loved ones. If, during the courtship, the couple feels that their relationship is becoming serious, it's a good idea for each to become acquainted with the other's family members and close friends. If they live far away from family, the couple should be sure to mention their special relationship in phone conversations, letters, and/or e-mail before announcing their engagement.

Although it may seem old-fashioned, it is still courteous for the prospective groom to explain his career and life plans and his prospects to the bride's parents, as evidence of his respect for them.

Kids First

When one or both members of the engaged couple has children from a previous marriage, the children should always be the first people to hear the news, told to them by their parent alone, without the future stepparent present. Children of any age need time to adjust to the idea. You should also tell an ex-spouse, if for no other reason than to smooth the way for your children's involvement. (See "Encore Weddings," chapter 11.)

Telling Other Relatives and Friends

Once parents and children have been told the news — and not before — the happy bride and groom will want to share their engagement plans with other relatives and friends. They can do so by making telephone calls, writing notes, or sending faxes or e-mails. Or they might wait and surprise everyone with an announcement at an engagement party. Regardless, there are certain people other than parents and children who should hear the news first, who would be hurt to read of the engagement in the newspaper or hear of it from someone other than the couple. These include grandparents, siblings, favorite aunts and uncles, and close friends. Always include them as special people in the know before the rest of the immediate world finds out.

Excerpted from
Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette
Cherished Traditions and Contemporary Ideas for a Joyous Celebration. Copyright © by Peggy Post. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just arrived Coloriffics bridal shoes

Coloriffics Sophia (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics Sophia (Women's) - White Satin
This beautifully designed satin sandal features two adjustable oval rhinestone buckles. Available Colors: Black Satin, White Satin.

Coloriffics Jana (Women's) - White Smooth
Coloriffics Jana (Women's) - White Smooth
She'll absolutely love this delicate smooth strappy sandal which features a rhinestone keeper and a fashionably detailed white elastic ankle strap. Available Colors: Silver Smooth, White Smooth.

Coloriffics Becky (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics Becky (Women's) - White Satin
This fashionable platform sandal will give that extra in style touch to any ensemble. Available Colors: Silver Taffeta, White Satin.

Coloriffics Alisa (Women's) - Ivory Satin
Coloriffics Alisa (Women's) - Ivory Satin
She'll look adorable in this satin sandal with satin bow. perfect for first communion, flower girls and junior bridesmaids. Available Colors: Ivory Satin, White Satin.

Coloriffics Amber (Women's) - White Satin
Coloriffics Amber (Women's) - White Satin
Slide into this comfortable yet elegant dyeable satin sandal.

Coloriffics Lily (Women's) - White Smooth
Coloriffics Lily (Women's) - White Smooth
Simply sweet smooth ballet flat. A great reception shoe. Change into a flat and dance the night away!. Available Colors: Silver Smooth, White Smooth.

Coloriffics Anne (Women's) - Ivory Lace
Coloriffics Anne (Women's) - Ivory Lace
Look simply sexy in this elegant ivory lace slide constructed with a clear vinyl lining for added durability and comfort.

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