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Monday, December 31, 2007

Pfaltzgraff bridal registry tips

Q: How do I know what items to include in my registry?

A: To help you get started we have made the following suggestions:

Place Setting You need 12.
For a family of 4, we recommend at least 12 place settings; 16 if you have the cabinet space. Think about how often you run the dishwasher and how many people you entertain.

Sugar and Creamer You need 2 sets.
One set is fine if you're serving 4 to 6 people, but for 8 or more, you'll need a second set. Another use for a creamer is for serving salad dressing and gravy and other sauces, or as an individual wine carafe.

Salt and Pepper You need 2 sets.
One pair will serve 4 people. For serving more than 4, you'll need another pair so that passing around the table is easier. Another use is to fill one with spices such as nutmeg or cinnamon for sprinkling the top of a cappuccino.

Butter Dish You need 2.
Remember the rule: 1 serves 4, so if you're serving more than 4 people, don't forget to purchase a second butter dish.

Gravy You need 2.
Your famous gravy is always a hit: it goes so fast, plan a second one so no one misses out. Another use if for serving salad dressing on a buffet. You won't have to keep refilling it.

Serving Bowls You need 6.
You can never have enough bowls. This is the most overlooked item until your house is full of guests. Use them for vegetables, salads, cereals, centerpieces, breads, popcorn -- there seems to be no end.

Platters You need 2.
For entertaining a crowd or planning a buffet, you can have a platter for both ends of the table. You'll cut down on the passing and running to the kitchen for refills.

Glassware You need 32.
For a family of 4, we recommend at least 5 glasses per person per day, plus extras for guests that may drop in. You know how many glasses you go through for juice, milk, water, soda, wine -- its a lot.

Specialty Serving Pieces
A soup tureen, chip 'n dip set, beverage server or tea pot, and casserole dishes; each of these is great when you're entertaining, and we'll bet you'll think of lots of other uses for them, too.

Canister Set You need 1.
One for the counter, of course, but think about other uses. Canisters can hold plants, twist ties, string and rubber bands in the kitchen, or cotton balls and other toiletry items in the bathroom.

Bridal Registry

Friday, December 28, 2007

Top 10 Makeup MUST HAVES For Your Wedding

10. Mineral Makeup
Mineral makeup simply sweeps onto your face and gives you a fantastic natural glow (along with GREAT coverage!) It makes the skin look stunning because the minerals reflect light off the skin like millions of little mirrors. You'll look flawless in your wedding photos! This product is known for photographing very well.
Our pick

Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup Loose Powder, Supernatural
Experience the transcendental effects of this amazing mineral makeup. The innovative application system puffs and buffs on with zero mess and leaves skin looking so flawless, it's surreal. With a silky, weightless feel, micronized minerals finish skin beautifully, and wear all day. Get a sheer effect or complete coverage with this innovative, luminous foundation alternative ~ it contains a range of protective elements and allows skin to breathe.

9. Dramatic, Sultry, Ooo Laa Laa Lashes
It is so decadent to wear false eyelashes. Fake eyelashes make your eyes POP. Cosmetics website e.l.f. cosmetics, as seen in InStyle Magazine has their Dramatic Lash Kit on sale for only $1! (When applying these make sure the center of the lash is right at your pupil).
Our pick:

Dramatic Lash Kit
No Mess lash beautification is here! Get those instantly intensified lashes for any occasion, any day! Easy application and comfort grip gel allows for multiple uses so you can repeatedly achieve those batty lashes that will make any guy swoon.

8. Coverage for All Your Little Stresses
Sorry to tell you this sweetie but you'll probably be stressed out right before your wedding. The worst part? It might start to show on your skin! Now that would be a real shame. That's why you should invest in the cover up the pros use (me included!). Our pick:

Paula Dorf Total Camouflage Concealer, Sand/Nude
Two shades are better than one imperfection. Mix the two shades of Total Camouflage on the back of your hand, blending the dark and light hues for an exact skintone match. For best results, apply with the Camouflage Brush.

7. Bring On the Babelicious Bronzer
It would be horrifying to hear that your guests were calling you "Casper, the friendly ghost bride" at your wedding! We all need a little help in the pigment department sometimes (at least you do if you're as fair skinned as I am!). I suggest that you start experimenting with a bronzer so you know what works for you BEFORE the wedding! You've all seen starlets like Jessica Simpson and J Lo go self tanner crazy before a red carpet event. You don't want to be an ORANGE bride!! Bronzer is a nice (non-permanent) way to give you a great bridal glow. Try e.l.f.'s Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder for only a $1!
Our pick:

Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder
A touch of sunshine to warm up every complexion with its soft and silky texture for a beautiful and natural glow.

6. Luscious Red Lips
Your perfect pout should have a tinge of red this season. It was THE HOT COLOR at New York Fashion Week! And think of the contrast with your white bridal gown... WOW! You will be stunning. But let me warn you to PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Red lipstick is SCARY! It's the stuff you snuck out of your Mom's makeup bag and went crazy with when you were 5! (You probably remember her scrubbing it off you!) There are sooo many shades of red that you really want to get it right when it comes to your wedding look. This is definitely a reason to visit the beauty department for a color test!
Our pick:

DuWop Realipstick Classic Lipstick, Sophia
What it is... Classic, full coverage lipstick with the most modern ingredients and colors. What it does... Moisturizes the lips while giving velvety, full coverage

5. Protection from the Hot Hot Sun
You can only hope that the gorgeous sunshine is a guest on your wedding day. But when you're outside smiling for the cameras you need to make sure that you are protected against its harmful rays. Walking into your reception radiating instead of radiant is not the look you're going for. Becoming a blotchy, sun burnt bride is totally avoidable!
Our pick:

DDF Organic Sunblock, SPF 30
For sensitive skin and those who prefer physical barrier sun protection. Zinc and Titanium Dioxide refract both UVA and UVB rays. Contains DDF Redox Antioxidant Complex™ for enhanced free radical protection. Proper use may reduce the chance of pre-mature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Suitable for all skin types.

4. Plump, Kissable Lips
So you're going for the sultry siren lips with the perfect shade of rouge. But you want your lips to be EXTRA kissable on your wedding day. Try a lip plumper! I had one of my girlfriends try mine the other day after we had lunch and she actually called me an hour later wanting to know what it was called and where I got it! Well, I'm going to tell you... It's LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump. It's the only lip plumper that puts actual collagen into your lips... with NO NEEDLES! It doesn't sting or burn. Tons of Hollywood celebs (like Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross, One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush and Gossip Girl's Blake Lively) are jumping on the Lip Fusion bandwagon. You can too!
Our pick:

LipFusion Color Shine Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump, Sweeticon
Many products claim "collagen' as a featured ingredient when, in truth, the collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin. LipFusion harnesses the clinically proven plumping and hydrating powers of new, patented marine collagen-filling spheres™, a technology that dehydrates the collagen molecule into tiny microspheres, in order to penetrate and then search for the body's natural water to re-hydrate creating a beautifully natural, full-out pout.

3. Dewy Fresh Cheeks
Look for liquid-based formulas that you dot on your cheeks and lips for a sheer, stained finish. I just love how soft and feminine you look when you put it on.
Our pick:

NARS Color Wash For Lips and Cheeks, Modestyicon
Color Wash's fluid texture blends smoothly leaving a lasting finish with a crystal clear flush of color. Simply apply with the inner-cap brush provided and blend quickly with fingertips or a sponge. Color Wash can be applied over foundation, powder and Makeup Primer or on bare skin for equally excellent results.

2. Magical Metallics
Even on your wedding day, it is perfectly acceptable to add a little shine to your exposed skin... especially once the lights dim and the reception gets underway. I'll bet he can hardly wait to get the honeymoon started! Metallic shadows are perfect for giving your skin an elegant moon kissed glow.
Our pick:

LORAC Glam Rocks Loose Metallic Eye Shadow, Metallic Pearlicon
LORAC's Glam Rocks loose metallic eyeshadows will rock your world! Ultra-metallic pigments in rich bronze hues glide on easily for long-wearing sexy, shiny color... you'll be sure to steal the spotlight!

1. French Manicure
Elegant and alluring, french-manicured nails are a must-have detail in your wedding day attire. Your hands will be the focus of attention when the ring is put on your ring finger, and you want your hands to look dreamy.
Our pick:

Barielle Natural French Manicure Kiticon
An easy 5 step routine that creates a sophisticated and natural looking French Manicure. Two carefully selected colors from "Shades" by Barielle allow your natural skin tone to shine through, and creates a perfect and elegant look for all occasions and seasons.

Beach-themed wedding galore

Regardless of the time of year, beach-themed weddings are always fun and exciting. They can add a warm tropical feeling to a winters day, or seaside charm to an inland summer wedding. Decorating your wedding reception with a beach theme is easy and inexpensive, and just a few items can go a long way.
There are a couple of major reception decorations that will give you the most impact for your decorating dollar. Centerpieces and wedding favors are where you can really be creative. Many halls already have some decorations in place, and you can work around these to add your own personality to your wedding. For an effective beach feeling, make sure your decorations include shells, sand, and lots of blue.

Create miniature oceans with your centerpieces! Put some sand and small shells in a fish bowl and add water. Then put a floating candle in the bowl for a romantic centerpiece. You can either use regular white or colored candles, or you can look for shell shaped floating candles. If you don't want candles, let small boats or tropical flowers float on the water instead.
Wedding favors are a popular way to say thank-you to your guests for their love and support, and there are many favors available that are perfect for a beach-themed wedding. Options include shell shaped candles, sailboat picture frames, beach chair placecards, and starfish-shaped soaps. These are all wonderful ways to say thanks and to remind your guests of your special day. Use Beach Wedding Favors to make their memories of your special day on the beach linger on and on.

For a fresh ocean feeling, make sure to incorporate a clear sea blue into your day. This color could be in your bridesmaids dresses, your table linens, or as part of your centerpieces or other table decorations. To complement the blue, add white and sandy tan colors. Light yellow is also a great accompaniment to this gorgeous blue color.
Everyone smiles at the thought of a seaside getaway, so add to the happiness of your wedding day with a fresh and fun beach theme!

Beach Collection Unity Candle & Tapers

The Beach Unity Candle and Tapers are the perfect accessory to compliment your tropical wedding celebration. These tropical candles are adorned with real starfish collected from beaches along the United States Atlantic coast, each embellished with diamond dust and Swarovski crystals arranged by hand to create a sparkling sensation. Available in white or ivory.
Unity Candle measures 3" x 9". White and Ivory tapers measure 10" tall. Dripless.

Embroidered Canvas Beach Tote

What a stylish gift to share with bridesmaids or special friends! This roomy, comfortable beach tote is just the thing for beach or summer themed weddings, or whatever else you had in mind! For that extra special touch to make the gift unique, may we suggest personalizing each bag with names and dates1/2 And check out that variety of thread colors and font designs! Bags are available in black, red, or navy blue accents, and measure 18.5" x 6" x 14".

"Let The Fun Begin!" Personalized Beach Party Gift Set

A favor for plenty of fun, fun, fun in the sun! The message says it all: "Let the Fun Begin!" This charming teal and ivory washable set includes an embroidered canvas beach bag and matching towel. Perfect for beach themed weddings or showers, destination gifts, or for whatever the bride might have in mind for her most special of days! Bag measures 19" across and 12" tall. Personalize it for that extra note of sincerity. Huge terry cloth towel opens up to 28" wide, 54" long. Please allow 3-4 weeks for personalization. There is a 15 character limit for personalization.

Beach Collection Ring Pillow

The Beach Collection Ring Pillow is the ideal compliment to any tropically-themed wedding. Luxuriant duchesse satin is accented with actual starfish collected from Atlantic Ocean beaches, then carefully embellished with Swarovski Crystals and Diamond Dust which is hand-applied for a sparkling presentation. Ring pillow measures 6 1/2" x 6 1/2" and is available in white or ivory.

Beach Collection Engraved Cake Serving Set

The Beach Collection Engraved Cake Serving Set is the ideal accessory for any tropically-themed reception. This serving set is pleasantly decorated with actual starfish collected from Atlantic Ocean beaches and carefully embellished with Swarovski Crystals and Diamond Dust, then hand-applied onto the server and knife. As an added value, the cake server can be personalized (in French Script) with the wedding party's first names and date at no further cost; engraved items will require 3 business days for shipping. Starfish are available in white or ivory.

Beach Collection Flower Girl Basket

The Beach Collection Flower Girl Basket is an essential part of the Beach Collection motif; this charming basket is embellished with real starfish which are sprinkled with diamond dust, glass pearls and Swarovski crystals. Baskets available in white and ivory.

Custom Designed Beach Pails (Set of 6)

Our Custom-Designed Beach Pails (available in a set of 6) are faithful replicas of those oh-so-cute metal pails that dotted the beaches of the 1930's and '40's. Pails are 5" tall and 5" in diameter; these are great when filled with beach-themed goodies, and can also be reused by your guests.

"Let The Fun Begin!" Personalized Beach Bag

The message says it all: "Let the Fun Begin!" This ivory and teal, machine washable bag is perfect for guests of all kinds, as its fashionable embroidery and optional keepsake make it a gift to appreciate for years and years to come. May we suggest these also make perfect bachelorette or bridal shower gifts, as well1/2 Also perfect for beach themed weddings, or anywhere the bride's imagination takes the planning of that special day. Bag measures 19" across by 12" tall. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of personalized bags. There is a 15 character limit on personalization.

Beach Camera (Package of 2)

Capture all your special moments on film with our beach themed camera. Perfect for any vacation, wedding or special occasion event. Cameras feature a soft seaside background with two accent palm trees. Cameras also offer a fixed focus lens and a continuous flash feature for indoor/outdoor usage. 27 exposures with flash. Tent card included with instructions for use.
Sold in a pack of 2.

"Beach Delights" Seashell Place Card Holders (Set of Six)

Bring the sand-bound beauty of the shore to your beach-themed event with these delicate seashell place card holders. The six different seashells in each set speak to the vast and varied ocean life that intrigues us and inspires us. Your guests will enjoy the charming way you've shown them to their seats, as well as the meaningful token they'll take home to remember your special day by the sea. Sold as a set of six. Shell sizes vary.

Beach Time Memo Clip (Set of 6)

They're called memo clips but we see these as the perfect place card holders for your beach themed event. And even better yet, they make excellent favors for each guest - perfect for displaying that favorite photo. The whimsical clips are designed like beach balls, sand buckets and beach slippers in bright and lively summery colors to blend in perfectly with your theme. Tallest clip measures 1 3/4" x 0.9" x 5". Sold as set of six.

Palm Breezes Beach Pail Candleholder - Set of 4

Adorably crafted with palm tree cutaways all around, these candleholders deliver a dash of summertime fun at the beach to any table setting. Each 1 ¾"holder includes plenty of realistic detail, from their sturdy construction to a dainty handle. Place them at each setting, or group them together as a beautiful centerpiece. Sold in sets of four - candles included.

'Beaches' Tin Pail Candle w/ Authentic Shells Set of 4

These 'beaches' candle tins are buckets of fun! This little candle is scented and measures just over 2" x 2" (with the handle down). Three authentic shells are suspended in the wax of the tin pail candle, which features a lively scallop-conch-starfish print and is tied with a sheer white organza ribbon. Sure to charm your guests! No beachside wedding would be complete without it! Sold in sets of 4.

Beach Hut Frames (Set of 2 Assorted)

Your guests can be "beach nuts" with these Beach Hut frames. Each surf shop-styled frame harkens back to the carefree days of summer, when a good song was always on the radio, the daylight lasted forever, and love was in the very air. These are sure to warm your guests hearts, no matter what time of year! During the reception, they make distinctive place card holders, and afterwards guests can use them to showcase treasured photos. Frames measure 5 1/4" tall and 4 1/4" wide and will accommodate 2" x 3" photos.

Beachcombers Flip Flop Placecard Holders - Set of 4 (2 pairs)

Make a summertime splash of color at your reception with these whimsical flip flop placecard holders. They're stuffed with adorable detail, to make your guests smile! Check out the multicolor trim and little pearl on the metal clip. Sold in sets of 4 individual flip-flops, which can also serve as clips or photo holders for your guests, after they take them home. We also offer the beachcomber theme, which features fish or starfish motifs on each tiny shoe. Clips measure 4" by 2". Please also note that quantity discounts are available on this item.

Beach Bucket Place Card Holders (Set of 3)

These charming placecard holders are buckets of beach time fun in the sun! Featuring charming, intricately detailed shell, starfish, and conch card holders, each favor presents vivid colors and beach time accents to really fill in your beach-themed wedding, event, or reception! Just look at the tiny beach ball, sand shovel, and hermit crab details, and you'll know why these favors are favorite! Sold in assorted sets of 3.

Natural Miniature Woven Beach Bags

A lovely accessory and gift for any beach or nautical themed wedding, these miniature rattan bags can be dressed up with any little favor you have in mind. Use them as goody bags stuffed with shells, flowers, potpourri, candies... the choice is yours. Measure 2" square, sold in sets of six. Please note that ribbons and shell are not included. Minimum order of 4 sets is required.

The Beach To Go Favor Pails

Your guests will always remember your wedding day with these fragrant beach favors! Each white enamel favor pail is filled with seashells, emitting a warm tropical scent. The pails are wrapped in white mesh and accented with coordinating satin ribbon and a cute beachy tag that reads "The Beach-To Go!". Each pail measures 3 inches tall.

"A Day at the Beach" Beach Chair Ornament

Why not give your guests a wedding reception favor that will always remind them of the gentle waves lapping the shore, balmy breezes, laid-back ambience and fun that defined your wedding1/2 Every year they can decorate their Christmas trees with this charming beige beach chair ornament casually accented with a red-and-white ball and think back to your very special "day at the beach!" Ornament measures 3" high x 2 ½" wide x 2 ¾" deep.

"Beach Memories" Miniature Adirondack Chair Place Card Holder

Why not celebrate your reception with the stately country grace of the Adirondacks1/2 These chair frames provide a rustic, charming touch to any beach-themed wedding event, and are constructed of sturdy polyresin. Guests can use them later, too, as a handy photo stand. All chairs are white, and measure 4"x 4" with a 2.5"x 1 11/16" frame. Please note that quantity discounts are available on this item.

"Beach Memories" Guest Photo Album Favors

This favor is quite simply a beautiful idea, ready to be filled with memories! Each miniature album is covered in high quality mulberry paper, and holds 40 4"x6" pictures, allowing guests to create their own wedding mementos. For a beach themed wedding, our "Beach Memories" design includes 3 handcrafted and handpainted beach charms. The albums measure 6.5" tall x 5 inches wide and 1" deep. Quantity discounts available.

Beach in a Bottle

Bring the enduring ambience of the ocean's majesty to your reception with these beach-in-a-bottle favors! These high quality glass bottles are filled with real sand and authentic seashells, for maximum authenticity, and include a rope and decorative shell on the side, for added flavor! Bottles measure 4.5" x 3.5" x 1.3"

Personalized Beach Memories Mint Tin

The Personalized Beach Memories Mint Tin is a breezy and unique way to remind your guests of the lovely time they had at your wedding; InStyle magazine recently featured this favor as a classy gift idea for guests. The personalized tins come filled with delectable, heart-shaped peppermints, with the tin itself featuring decoration by a customized label that boasts your names and wedding date. Mint tins are palm-sized ((2 1/4" wide x 1 1/4" long x 1/2" high); minimum order quantity is 36 tins.

"Mint for Each Other" Beach Theme Mint Packs

Perfectly suited for beach or nautically-themed celebrations, the "Mint for Each Other" Beach Theme Mint Packs are as cute as a favor can be! With your choice of graphic designs (palm tree, sailboat, beach umbrella, or a bright sun) and two refreshing, wintergreen mints individually sealed in each pack, this package is perfected by being tied with a lovely bow of raffia ribbon. The outside of the pack is personalized with the names and date of the wedding party; please allow 2 weeks for delivery. "Price is per matchbook". Minimum order quantity on this item is 12.

Hand Painted Beach Ball Bottle Stopper

Your guests will have fun, fun, fun in the sun with this adorable favor! Made from durable ceramic and handpainted in vivid summertime colors, the fully-functional bottle stopper is just perfect for a day at the beach, or anytime they need a little sunny pick-me-up. Presented in a showcase gift box with coordinated "For You" beach ball tag. Stopper measures 2.5" tall.

Set of 3 Beach Theme Candle Squares

Bring your guests the ambience of summer nights at the beach with these petite candles. Each measures 2.25" square and features a handpainted beach motif on one side. Sold in sets of three, each candle includes showcase gift box and sheer organza ribbon.

Seaside Beach Candles in Coral Design Gift Box

Let your guests take the beachside theme of your special day home with these adorable seaside candles: a starfish, a conch shell, and a scallop shell. The colors and textures of these shell candles make them appear truly authentic! The clear 5.5" x 3" gift box has a lovely coral print design; and, for added charm, the box is tied with marine rope and complete with a seashell-shaped thank you tag. It's a deep-sea delight!

Beach Chair Placecard Holders

With their cheery color palette and ruggedly adorable charm, these beach chair placecard holders are sure to please at your event. Each resin chair includes plenty of realistic detail, and afterwards your guests can enjoy them as card stands and even photo clips. Chairs measure 2" by 4" and are sold in assorted colors.

Beach Theme Love Savers

Cool things down with the Beach Theme Love Savers; ideal for any warm-weather event (especially a Beach-themed wedding), these mint packs can be personalized with the names and date of the happy couple. Mints come in your choice of peppermint or wintergreen; please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Minimum order quantity on this item is 36.

Sea Breezes Beach Glass Photo Coasters

The starfish, seashell, and sand dollar accents on these lovely coasters shout "summertime fun" to all your guests! They work as place card holders, photo frames, or just to tell your guest the coasters are your token of appreciation. Coasters measure 3.5" square and come packaged with a charming organza ribbon and bow. Each favor contains a set of two coasters.

Personalized Candy Pillow Packs - Beach Umbrella

A pillow full of candy only sounds like a child's dream, but these favors are sure to make guests of all ages believe their wishes have come true! The choice is yours, to pick the theme and personalize the message you think best communicates the gratitude and joy you feel for your guests on your very special day. Nine unique, wonderful colors and flavors are available - we're sure you'll find the right combination, no matter what your theme.

Wedding Coffee Collection - Beach Theme Designs

Give your treasured guests the "good life" with the Beach Theme Wedding Coffee Collection. This delicious coffee is packaged in a fresh-sealed bag to preserve maximum flavor; each bag can even be personalized with the names and dates of the happy couple! Each coffee pack is 5 1/2" tall and 4 1/2" wide, and contains 1.75 oz. of a scrumptious coffee blend that consistently yields a high-quality brew.

Wedding Cocktail Mixes - Beach Theme Designs

Shake it or blend it; either way, the Wedding Cocktails Mixes (Beach Theme Designs) are bound to get the party started for the bridal couple in search of a light-hearted, "spirited" guest favor! Our personalized, trend-setting cocktail mixes come in two popular flavor varieties; for the relaxed approach, there's the Margarita, to evoke a sense of sunshine and balmy breezes. If your tastes tend more towards the upscale, we offer the Cosmopolitan mix: alluring and provocative, this smoooth cocktail evokes the flavor of big city nightlife

Wedding Tea Collection - Beach Theme Designs

So many people enjoy the soothing effects of tea. Now you can give that gift to your guests with this delusions blend of black tea. The Wedding Tea Collection is made from robust black tea leaves and is sealed in a white foil envelope (2.5"w x 3"h) that locks in the rich flavor and freshness. Personalize each package with the bride and groom's names and the date of their joyous day. Because the tea bags are personalized there is a minimum order of 60 bags.

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